Top 4 Big sleeve blouses trend, to look for in Indian dresses.

Fusion wear! The trend I don’t see dying at all. It is smart, and it’s casual and most importantly is comfortable. Mostly you would find fusion wear as a preference in Indian clothing due to its varied style, e.g. a lehenga paired with a shirt or fully embellished jumpsuit or a sharara pant paired with draped saree and many such choices. It can get confusing to choose the best style for yourself. 

I must say fashion is what is in trend, but the style is an expression of yourself.”

Amidst this fusion wear one thing, which stands out, is the variation I see in blouses among designer labels, Bollywood celebs and even in western clothing. Yes sleeve blouses, you heard it right! Coming to this wedding season the style which you will see the most will be of ‘statement sleeves’. Think of all those plunging necklines, those ruffle sleeve blouse, balloon sleeves, cold-shoulder etc. can be paired with saree or lehenga or dhoti pants or any innovative idea you can think off. 

Also, one more observation I see is anything “big size” is today’s millennials fashion mantra. I would say 90’s fashion is back when it comes to oversize size shirts, flared jeans pants, crop tops, those denim jumpsuits etc…its like “what goes around comes around” some trends are so nostalgic especially for a person like me its like picking up from where you had left it. 

So yes BIG SLEEVE BLOUSES is the trend you won’t be surprised to see in the upcoming weddings. Sit back, relax and check out the drama you can create in your outfit just by adding this element.

“Drama is very important in life. You have to come on with a bang. You never want to go out with a whimper. Everything can have drama if it’s done right. Even a Pancake” this quote is by Julia child.”

Just for a moment lets replace Pancake with sleeve blouse and do reread the statement. You might feel that you are missing out on the trend and to nurse this feeling I am sharing the latest trends in ‘big statement’ sleeve blouse designs, which will be worth a drama.

Bishop sleeve

It’s a long sleeve, fuller at the bottom compared to the top and gathered into a cuff. This sleeve blouse style is there for many decades, but it is just that its catching everyone’s attention now. I must say it justifies the attention because of the look it would create after wearing it. This style looks best if made from sheer, lightweight and flowy fabrics like georgette, chiffon organza or even net. Style this sleeve with any Indian wedding wear it will look gorgeous.

Style Tip:

Bishop sleeve is perfect for adding softness to a small upper body and draw away the eyes from a thick waist or any other lower-body problem areas

3/4th blouse design

Pankaj and Nidhi’s Billowy blouse sleeve design for lehenga is a perfect Inspiration

sleeve blouse

Peplum blouse enriched with bishop sleeves in Riddhi-mehra’a draped saree is just astonishing!!

3/4th blouse sleeve

Bishop sleeve is so beautifully paired with sharara in Mahima Mahajan’s Outfit.

Puffed sleeves

The kind of blouse I have always grown up seeing my mom wearing. Whenever I use to see her wearing those fluffy looking blouses, I use to make fun of her. I use to find it such an over the top trend something I would never wear. But slowly, after many years, something began to happen. Puffed sleeve blouse started appearing on fashion runways so beautifully styled, a lot of Bollywood celebrities started wearing it, and suddenly Puffed sleeve blouses became a huge hit which i wouldn’t mind trying. So let’s have a look at How to style puff sleeve blouse?

Style Tip:

Puffed sleeves look best on the slim one or anyone with the flat chest by adding good volume to the overall outfit.

sleeve blouse

Subtle puff sleeve blouse by Torani. Ideal to just give little “Hatke” touch to your blouse.

sleeve blouse

Organza puffed blouse by Mahima Mahajan is just the stunner!!

sleeve blouse for lehenga

One of my favourite puffed sleeve style called “Leg-o-mutton sleeve” by ShyamalandBhumika

sleeve blouse for lehenga

Super puffed Big sleeve by AbujaniandSadeepkhosla. The real attention grabbing sleeve!!

Bell sleeve

Bell sleeve is something which we know now since ages, but the kind of creativity we see in this type of blouse sleeve is mesmerizing. Bell sleeve is attractive, breezy look and they are very comfortable to wear. It’s fitted on the shoulder and flaring out towards the wrist. This type of sleeve is one of the most common types we come across, but the new styles I see in trend are quirky, very modern and chic. Bell sleeve adds a unique touch to even a basic form of saree or lehenga or any salwar suit

Style tip:

Try to look for extra flared kind of sleeve, the one made from the latest variety of flowy fabrics that the volume falls softly along with the shape of your body. This style of sleeve blouse works best on any body type. Small chested, broad-shouldered type, apple-shaped, pear-shaped, short-waisted or long-waisted.

Bell sleeve blouse

Quirky looking big bell sleeve trend by Manish Malhotra!!

Bell sleeve blouse

Masaba gupta’s bell sleeves can be an inspiration to any body type bride or bridesmaid.

bell sleeve blouse

Off-shoulder dramatic bell sleeve by Manish Malhotra is a perfect “Look at me” style.

sleeve blouse

Simple yet classic blouse sleeve design for lehenga by vasansi jaipur.

Ruffle sleeve

This sleeve is loud, fun and attention seeker. I hardly know anyone who is not in aww of this style I mean it’s like everyone’s fav, especially the brides or bridesmaid who wants to have a fairy type look. Also, I don’t see this style going out of fashion anytime soon. The best part of ruffle sleeve is it can have as many layers you want, and it still looks cute, and you feel like a princess. Let’s check out our next batch of inspiration for brides or bridesmaid. 

Style tip: This style of blouse is perfect for cocktail or reception. I am sure all eyes will be on you.

ruffle sleeve blouse

Anju Jain’s peplum jacket with ruffle bell sleeves can be an inspiration to any body type bride or bridesmaid.

sleeve blouse

Mrunalini Rao’s ruffle blouse will look perfect with any indo-western outfit like dhoti, peplum or lehengha.

sleeev blouse

Mrunalini Rao’s unique ruffle blouse is surely a head turner!!

sleeve blouse

Off-shouler one side layered ruffle by Tavaree

Apart from the styles mentioned above, I am sharing a few more style inspiration which is unique in their way own ways and you might not want to miss out on!

wing sleeves

wing sleeve by Manish Malhotra

wing sleeves

Double wing layer style by Manish Malhotra

sleeve blouse

Drop sleeve corset blouse by Mahima Mahajan

sleeve blouse

Pleated ruffled looking blouse by Shriya Som

The list is never ending and so is the styles you can choose from. Let us know your favourite blouse design photo or style form the above and which one you are looking forwrad to try.

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