About Me

Writing about self is not merely an introduction to our personal as well as professional accomplishments. Still, it is an opportunity to present to the world a journey you have been on and what made you who you are today. I would say it is a rare opportunity, not everyone gets.

Taking this opportunity further I would like to introduce myself as an individual who is an explorer, thinker and admirer of all the good things in life. This inquisitive nature has taken me places and has given me experiences of all kinds. Well to do an MBA has always been a prevalent, educational requirement and but I went one step ahead by doing MBA which was specialized in Retail Management.  I started my journey in the corporate world with Aditya Birla group as a Retail Merchandiser and followed by Star CJ – a home shopping channel and was heading the home furnishing category.

My initial understanding of fabrics came when I joined Star CJ. This place taught me the most about materials, fabrics and prints. It doesn’t end here; I also learned to manage the entire value chain from buying behaviour to deciding on GSM strength of cloth to which print ideally should go on the bedsheet. This boosted my confidence, and my love for fabric grew fonder.

But my love for fashion did not start here, it dates back to my childhood, the memories of shopping with my parents during festivals have always been delightful. Whether they decided to go and buy from the shops or whether my mom asking us (i mean my sisters) to make lehengas or salwar kameez from her sarees it is all so memorable. This fondness continued in my adulthood, I saw this through my consultative behaviour towards peer group and my friends on aspects of their selection in clothing.

After working for six years in the corporate world, learning all that needed to be learnt and unlearning my inhibition I decided to build something of my own and just like Thanos who changed the world with a snap of a finger, I choose to change my path and take up what I love to do. One says it is essential to do what you love & very few get a chance to do what they love. And with the combination of knowledge, memories and experience were born Wishing Wardrobe!

Fashion for me was not only about the draping of the fabric as it is about the idea and principles that have been woven into it. The trend for me also meant not endorsing the destruction of another being, however infinitesimal we, as humans, might consider.

Another remarkable aspect of my journey is my belief of being vegan, and I am in the process of embracing veganism. This belief does not limit to my personal life but is also extended to my professional life. At Wishing Wardrobe creating cruelty, free fashion is an ongoing challenge that cleverly blends style to my philosophy.

My consultative nature, my sense of colour combinations, my knowledge of customer behavior and my interactions with people asking about a place they can find the latest trends – all this put together gave me the idea of coming up with the blog which will be an inspiration board to all the for their wedding outfit needs.

Hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.